“This was a really good lead and I look forward to keeping you posted on what kind of product deal comes out of it.”


Jeff B., Chief Business Development Officer
Vice President of Marketing

“This was a great opportunity which resulted in a deal closed for $17k.”

Brendan B., Supplier Manager
Vice President of Marketing

“I have received phenomenal feedback from my team regarding this lead. Thank you for your thoroughness in vetting out prospects. Excellent, excellent work!”

Lindsay G., Director of Operations
Vice President of Marketing

“The call went great, the purchase intent data points were perfect, and our next steps are a call to discuss plans further.  I would give a solid 10/10 here, which is rare for these types of services!”

Joey T., Account Executive
Vice President of Marketing

“Thank you so much for bringing us such great leads!”


Hannah M., Senior Account Manager
Vice President of Marketing

“I have heard lots of positive feedback and buzz about the leads we receive from The Launchpad. THANK YOU!”


Sam S., Director of Marketing
Vice President of Marketing

“The purchases intent data I received prior to my call were extremely good. I would rate my experience with The Launchpad as a 10 out of 10, you guys are amazing!”


Kathleen S., Client Executive
Vice President of Marketing

“We appreciate the support and the work that The Launchpad team does- you guys really do ROCK with your info for the calls and your team’s interaction with us!”


Steven P., Sr Account Executive
Vice President of Marketing

“We are very happy with the results on this project to date. I am hearing very solid feedback from our partners. Managing this project has been a joy, thanks for all you do and keep up the stellar work! It is truly being noticed and appreciated.”


Arrow Splunk Team
Vice President of Marketing

“We just concluded an intro call with this lead… The information was accurate/spot-on. They have requested a demo and pricing tomorrow – small, 5 user opportunity to begin with but with a growing organization. Our reseller was very pleased with the lead. Thanks again for this lead … keep em’ coming!”


Karl F., Channel Development Representative
Managing Partner

“The calls went really well. The purchase intent data gave us more than enough information to have some background and bring in the right resources to have a productive discussion. I would rate my experience with The Launchpad as a 10 out of 10. It was an excellent call and kick-off, the customer showed has a real opportunity. We plan to have a review call next week with the customer to address questions and dig deeper.”


Scott W., Account Executive
Managing Partner

“The Launchpad team did an exceptional job on this one. Prospect was a member of the IT department with influence over data storage, data protection, or data management.  Hit all the marks for me.  Plus, he was very friendly and open, which makes our job much easier.”


Mark Z., Managing Partner
Managing Partner

“We won a deal at this account, $21k of endpoint protection. The lead was spot on, very solid lead.”


Chris E., Vice President of Marketing
Vice President of Marketing

” The Launchpad has connected me with several excellent resources related to major projects we are undertaking this year. The quality of the resources they have surfaced has been extremely high, and I’m very impressed with the quality of The Launchpad service.”

Jordan F.
Director of IT

“The Launchpad helps IT executives and professionals find best-of-breed industry vendors, products, and solutions in an efficient and expedient manner. I’ve relied on their services on numerous occasions and couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you Launchpad!”

Scott C.
Director of IT

“The appointment was a solid homerun that will definitely keep me busy for a while. The conversation with the vendor went well and we have some good next steps lined up. The Launchpad hit it out of the park with this connection, it’s fantastic!”

Christian E.
Manager, Enterprise Systems

“I believe the vendor I was connected with was very prepared for our call and accurately addressed my pains and challenges. I would rate my experience with The Launchpad as a 10 out of 10. You all are a complete pleasure to work with and a huge help!”

Nick S.
VP of IT and Security

“The vendor I was connected to was very prepared and worked well with me on our call. They really focused on our pain points and briefly brought up what else the suite can do rather than trying to take the whole time describing pieces we’re not ready for, it was well done. I would rate my experience with The Launchpad as a 10 out of 10! This is the second time I’ve used The Launchpad, and both times you’ve exceeded my expectations. It removed a lot of that leg work I would have to do.”

Adam F.
Sr. Systems Administrator

“I was really impressed with the vendor you connected me to, and they are a perfect match for my current and future objectives. Thanks for finding them and for setting up the call.”

Dan C.
Director of IT

“I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for being such a huge help in helping us discover and speak with different providers in the IT security space. We are now in a deep dive discovery with the companies you have put us in touch with. We look forward to continue using your invaluable services in the future.”

Chuck C.
Global Director of IT Infrastructure

“I would like to take a moment to thank The Launchpad for the quality of service and help they have provided.  I sincerely appreciate my Account Manager’s efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability he has demonstrated each time we have talked, and the way he conducts business as a whole. Your guidance in the recommendations of vendors has helped me tremendously by allowing me to focus on the technical processes but keeping me on point for several IT security initiatives we have this year.  Your recommendations for vendors that are currently helping me complete projects is most appreciated. I look forward in my continued relationship with The Launchpad.”

Greg C.
IT Operations & Security Manager

“The Launchpad are consummate professionals who have provided unparalleled service which has yielded immeasurable value to me, my staff, and the company for which I am employed.”

Joshua A.
Senior IT Director

“The Launchpad’s ability to quickly vet potential solutions for our IT initiatives has allowed me to be more agile in researching and completing projects timely.”

IT Manager

“The Launchpad was instrumental in helping us with our IT Infrastructure refresh.”

IT Director

“The Launchpad has helped my organization make connections we would otherwise not have, and my Account Manager has been instrumental in making certain those contacts are relevant and provide value”.

Edward G.
Director of Information Services

“As an IT Director in a manufacturing business working to enable effective digital transformation, I find The Launchpad’s services very valuable in connecting me and peers in my company with industry best practices and organizations who have the experience to help us in key areas. I have used the Launchpad’s services to engage in discovery with Application Performance, Analytics, Database and Cloud Monitoring.
The Launchpad has been very thorough and diligent in understanding my organization and its IT needs and objectives. They have done a great job of connecting me with good resources. I highly recommend The Launchpad to any IT leader seeking to broaden capabilities and understanding of the diverse and interconnected challenges faced by many organizations.”

Al G.
IT Director

“The Launchpad set me up with a banging appointment! My Account Manager who set this up hit the nail dead on the head. Friday we have set up a demo for the entire team here and will see all this product has to offer. Kudos to you and your group. The explanation and description that I provided was met to a tee – a very precise match.
Thank you folks, you’ve been a big help. We are meeting again in the next week or so with the vendor regarding VDI and the advantages over SD-WAN. Another connection The Launchpad turned us on to. Good work all!!”

Chuck M.
Network & Systems Administrator

“I wanted to thank you for setting this call up.  It was very helpful to us.  I really liked the group that I talked to today, not just the product but the people themselves were extremely helpful and it didn’t feel like just a sales pitch.  It’s nice to come across a good group like that, and I appreciate it.  Keep them on your recommended list for others for sure!  This is the first time in a long time a company has been able to answer ALL of my questions and concerns immediately without “Having to get back to me” and then never actually doing it.”

Justin P.
Manager of IT

“We made a great connection and I look forward to our follow up with the vendor. I have had a great experience with The Launchpad. I have made a connection with the majority of the introductions. You’ve helped me meet potential partners. My experience has been exceptional.”

David E.
Architect, Network Engineer

“I rate you a 10 out of 10! The Launchpad has been great thus far with assisting and listening to my business’s need and pairing me with the right vendors.”

Emmanuel F.
IT Security Architect & Engineer

“You guys are great partners. We are currently in the middle of a cloud migration project with a vendor you set us up with that is going well. We are glad to have The Launchpad as a partner.”

Darrin G.
Director of IT

“I would like to thank your team specifically. Hunting down reliable partners and vendors is a chore in itself when researching new projects. I appreciate the time and efforts your team puts into making that step easier. As a one man IT shop, I try my best to put those couple of hours your team saves me back to good use within my organization.”

Shawn R.
Director of IT

“You guys have been supremely professional. You guys get the people prepared for the calls to have a worthwhile conversation. I feel better about scheduling a half hour or 45 minute call scheduled with somebody through you guys than anyone else I’ve ever dealt with in 20+ years. You do some of the leg work of answering these questions and I feel like I can be a little bit more forward with my answer to these questions when there’s no pressure, because you’re not selling me on anything you’re just trying to help.”

Jason M.
Manager of IT

“Thank you so much for all of your help with this, this is extremely helpful in that, you know, just finding partners and having the same conversations with 3 or 4 different people just to get the bottom of what I’m looking for is very, very time-consuming where as you just sort of cutting through all tape, if you will, and getting us in contact with the right people…it saves me so much time
and I’m very, very grateful for what you guys do.”

Larry H.
Chief Information Officer

“The team at The Launchpad have been a great asset as we look to purchase new technologies.  They’ve done an awesome job matching vendors with our needs.”

David K.
Senior Director, Information Technology

“It’s great to know there are agencies like The Launchpad that help provide IT solutions for our initiatives. The Launchpad saved me a lot of time by connecting me with the right vendor to help meet our goals.”

Aaron M.
Manager of Information Technology

“The partner you set me up with fit the bill really good with regards to what we need, so I was real impressed with who you brought to the table. It was a smaller company, which I like. I feel like they’re a little bit more dynamic and they don’t have a cookie cutter approach for every organization. They were focused on our needs, and they seem to be more responsive. Those are the kind of relationships I really do enjoy. It was a great call that we had, and I look forward to the next meeting with them to even jump into this a little bit more.”

Jon L.
Senior Manager of Information Systems

“I receive a ton of calls from technology vendors about everything under the sun, most which has no benefit to my business. The Launchpad was different, starting out by explaining what they did and asking what areas I wanted/needed help with. The Launchpad saved me time and effort in sorting through the myriad of providers to put me in touch with exactly what I would benefit from implementing. After a couple of short phone calls, we have narrowed down to the two vendors to provide technology complete with pricing and provide implementation. I have truly enjoyed the thoroughness and professionalism of The Launchpad.”

Jeff C.

“It’s often a challenging and time-consuming effort to research prospective technology and security vendors when undertaking a new project or initiative. Katie and the team at The Launchpad have helped streamline the vetting process and put me in front of several innovative up-and-coming security companies. With time an ever more valuable resource, I’m very pleased to have The Launchpad as a trusted partner to help me navigate the increasingly crowded security vendors space.”

Barry M.
Global Head of Information Security

“We won a deal at this account, $21k of endpoint protection. The lead was spot on, very solid lead.”

                                    -Chris E., Vice President of Marketing

Chris E., Vice President of Marketing
Director of IT Infrastructure, Operations & Security