IT leaders have always been inundated with email marketing, sales calls, and other excessive outreach from technology companies.

That’s because technology companies have always found new business the same way: conventional lead generation campaigns and excessive outreach.

Here’s what that looks like:

Tech Company A wants to sell flash storage.

They design a marketing campaign focused on flash storage and take it to a marketing agency.

That agency pays their employees to call IT decision makers over and over again until they reach them, identify themselves as so-and-so from Tech Company A and ask about that IT decision maker’s plans to purchase flash storage over the next 12 months. If the answer is “no plans,” the employee thanks them for their time and moves on to the next dial, to inundate the next IT leader with calls and emails.

If the IT leader had other initiatives that they needed to partner with a tech vendor on, it’s a no go. Can’t help them because they’re not buying flash storage.

This is the way we did it for years when we owned our first marketing firm. Outbound, cold calling lead generation. Hugely inefficient. Vastly ineffective. Incredibly soul-sucking.
The hardest thing was getting the IT customer on the phone. And then when we finally connected with a live person, we could only ask them if they were purchasing flash storage? It made no sense.

So, we changed the game.

Our story has always been about evolution. Challenging the status quo. Finding better ways of doing things. And now, for us, transitioning from being a marketing company to being a SaaS company with a solution to this problem: TECH MATCH-MAKING.

First, we started asking, What if?

What if we reach out to IT customers and see what they need to achieve their organization’s objectives?

What if we could then go find partners or technologies that were a precise fit?

What if we could nurture that relationship and play tech matchmaker for every IT need throughout their budget cycle?

And help them with future budget cycles and initiatives?

Then we got to work creating.

We started The Launchpad because we believe that there’s a better way to connect IT buyers with the technologies and partners they need.

The Launchpad provides technology matchmaking services, connecting IT buyers with the technology partners who are a precise fit for their unique needs.

Very soon, The Launchpad will be the world’s first technology matchmaking marketplace. 

We’re changing the way technology is bought and sold.

We created it in order to empower the technology buyer and seller to find each other and connect, if the fit is right.

The Launchpad puts you, the IT buyer, in the position of power. We know you get inundated with sales calls and we didn’t want to create a space where more of that nonsense occurs. We’re here to serve you. Today, by phone and email. Very soon, through our tech matchmaking marketplace.

Back in the day, when we did cold calling, our clients called it “demand creation.” But creating demand didn’t make sense to us either. Demand for technology organically exists in the market, within every single company. There’s no need to “create” demand.
Matching tech demands with the partners who can meet them made more sense to us. We’re ecstatic that soon we will be releasing our technology matchmaking platform. It’s really going to change the way technology is bought and sold. Get ready for a new way forward.