Fast-track and simplify your tech vendor discovery process.

Make the first move.

Why The Launchpad?



Efficiently research, identify and review potential IT partners.

Precise Match

Quickly vet potential solutions for that are a precise match for your needs.

Cutting Edge Tech

Get access to cutting edge emerging technologies, up-and-coming tech partners, plus trusted favorites.

Get It Done

Complete IT projects on time, on budget and with ease.

Our Value Offer

The one resource you can’t get back is time

Save yours by letting us connect you with IT vendors that are a precise match for your needs

Hunting down reliable technology partners and vendors is a chore. And it takes a lot of time.

The Launchpad is a trailblazing technology matchmaking marketplace. We’re changing the way technology is bought and sold.

Accelerate and streamline your discovery process. Find just the right partners and solutions for your organization’s unique needs.

Why Us?

The Launchpad offers you

Reclaim Time & Energy

The Launchpad is the most efficient technology matchmaking platform. Our search criteria and filters match you to partners who are a precise fit for your needs. With the most diverse technology providers, you’ll find a match in no time.

Reclaim time and energy spent on bad first dates with IT providers and put that time back to good use within your organization.

Connections Driven by You

You are the gatekeepers to initiating connections and conversations. IT vendors can only be invited by you once you accept the match.

You’ll see your matches, but no one will see you until you’re ready to make the first move.

The Launchpad puts you, the IT buyer, in the position of power.

Simple, Easy & Effective

Just set up a profile and do a search. Input your needs and objectives, and our IT buyer-focused matchmaking algorithm will go to work for you.

Accelerated discovery and thorough due diligence at your fingertips within minutes, focused 100% on your unique needs. All at no cost to you.