A data-driven, multi-touch integrated marketing approach must be the foundation of your B2B strategy. And good data must be at the core of that foundation.

The foundation of our Lead Generation and Account Based Marketing campaigns is built on data. We’ve made a significant investment in our industry-leading database of IT contacts and install-base business intelligence to ensure that we have the most robust and detailed market intelligence database of any lead generation company in the market. This gives us the ability to target accounts by competitive install brands and industry verticals, which is a huge differentiator for us. We offer data-driven, tightly focused lead generation programs to identify high-quality sales opportunities among organizations with defined purchase budgets and near-term buying intent with the highest level decision maker.

With the very best data around and our integrated, multi-touch process guaranteed to set qualified, actionable appointments with your prospects, our leads are unparalleled. Tie in our post appointment follow-up service, and we’re unstoppable. That means your sales team will be unstoppable, too. Our clients always tell us the results they get with us are far superior to anything they’ve done or seen before.


The Launchpad offers a far more strategic approach to appointment setting in order to provide clients with actionable sales leads by leveraging integrated touches that include email marketing, online surveys to pre-qualify prospects, and appointment setting with relevant decision makers in pre-qualified prospect accounts.

But it doesn’t end there. It goes well beyond the delivery of the appointment. We know follow-up is critical. So that’s exactly what we do.


Once an appointment is set and lead intelligence delivered, we continue to follow up. We include in every appointment setting campaign, an unmatched post-appointment follow-up service, our Revenue Closeability Engine.

After every single appointment, we conduct follow-up outreach with both your prospects and your partners/people immediately after the appointment, at the 45 day mark, and at the 90 day mark. You’ll get insight on next steps from both parties’ perspectives. You can even re-assign partners if you’re not happy with the traction you’re seeing on prospective deals moving forward. We’ll continue to follow up beyond the 90 day mark – until a deal is won, lost or dead.

We’re not a low-cost, volume lead shop. We believe those kinds of leads create a false economy. Cost per lead doesn’t mean anything to us, because ultimately it shouldn’t mean anything to you. What you need are closed deals. We get it. That’s why we care about cost per conversion. That’s why we ensure our leads are qualified, closeable and loaded with actionable intel to help your sales people close the deal.

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