Here’s why we think that’s the case:  

You’ve got revenue goals to hit and the pressure to hit them is on. To fill your funnel, you need leads. Not just any leads. You need leads that convert to closed business. But they most often don’t convert. Here’s where we believe the issues are:

1: Many Appointment Setting companies have started selling the same opportunity to multiple distributors and/or resellers. They’ve realized that they can double or triple their own revenue by selling the same lead to you and all your competitors. Some telemarketing companies are booking 10, 20, or even 30 appointments with the same low-level IT contacts in a calendar year – thousands of appointments with a few hundred or so contacts. These companies have a small book of business, where a handful of IT contacts are “trained” to take appointments, receive their gift incentive and not take follow up meetings. These low-level IT contacts are subsidizing their income doing this to the tune of $3,000-$5,000 per year.

If first appointments go well and then your prospects go dark, this is probably happening to you.

THE SOLUTION: We book ONE appointment with a HIGH-LEVEL contact for any unique initiative and no more. That prospect is removed from our marketing universe for that initiative for 12 months. No gift card mercenaries here! Also, C-level and VP-level IT leaders don’t need to subsidize their incomes like this. They only care about strategic solutions to their current pain.

2: Many lead generation companies have very limited access to good data. For the telemarketing companies who can afford data, they’re all using the same few list brokers – DiscoverOrg, Hoovers (D&B), Aberdeen Group (formerly Harte Hanks). It’s a saturated marketplace. They are all calling into the same universe and targeting the same prospects. For you and your competitors. The industry has consolidated the tier one brokers and subsequently, the price for a one-year subscription is prohibitive for most telemarketing companies, so many don’t invest in data at all.

THE SOLUTION: Good campaigns start with good data, and we’ve got the best data around. We started out by building our own database repository – we have 850,000+ IT Contacts. We also have hundreds of thousands of known/verified install base technologies which empowers us to “target in” on environments where you can focus your engagement efforts (competitive takeout’s).  Let us show you our data before you commit to us so you can see what we’re working with! We have more data available to us than we could possibly need, allowing us to only schedule one appointment per contact per initiative and then move on. We’ve invested heavily in data to power our appointment setting service.

We don’t want or need data. (We know the quality we’re working with when it comes to our own data). In the cases where we have ABM campaigns, we’ll upload our clients’ account name’s, but we load our own contacts, as we have already verified them; and it saves us weeks of cleansing data upfront.

3: Low Level Titles. There is a noticeable navigation towards appointments with lower level titles – Solution Architects, System Engineers, Network Managers. They may have some influence in the decision making or evaluation process, but not much. Many lead generation firms find lower titles easier to reach, easier to engage with, and more likely to take appointments for a gift card incentive. Then it’s rinse and repeat, going back to the same low-level contact over and over again to exchange gift cards for their time on a first appointment.

THE SOLUTION: We start out ONLY engaging with C-level decision makers for our programs. We then, if necessary, move to VPs, then Directors. By this time, our programs are typically closed out.

The C-level suite and VPs only book meetings for real needs. They’re not chasing gift cards. They are paid too well and are far too strategic for that.

4: Quality. Many telemarketing companies approach lead generation by throwing appointments against a wall to see what sticks. We don’t think that’s any kind of strategy at all. The overwhelming problem with this method is that it produces a ton of garbage, which then flows downstream to sales. This wastes your partners’ time, resources and degrades their opinion of your marketing programs.

You need leads that convert to actual sales revenue. But lead generation has become a commodified business. This is creating a false economy of leads. Cost per lead may be reasonable. But take a look at your REVENUE PER APPOINTMENT – that’s a more meaningful metric. Your sales reps are tired of wasting time following up on low quality appointments. Poor leads are not only inefficient. They build distrust and resentment between marketing and sales.

THE SOLUTION: We believe lead generation should produce revenue-generating results. We focus on your revenue. (Ultimately, that will organically take care of our own revenue) Here’s how:

We start at the top of the IT decision making chain and engage with high-level IT leaders with actual decision-making authority. We engage them in dialogue about their IT challenges and pain points, priorities and initiatives. We qualify them for REAL PAIN, REAL NEEDS, and REAL PLANS. We are 100% focused on your prospect’s pains and plans. We’re highly skilled at getting a deep level of understanding about their IT needs, then finding the technology partners who are a precise fit. This accelerates and simplifies their discovery process.

We then provide detailed call notes on the needs, pain and gain points, plans and initiatives, and any other business intelligence we gather so that your salesperson can go into that appointment prepared with the kind of information they need to close the deal.

Not only do we get the highest quality, most closeable leads with the most actionable insights for your sales team. We stand by them. We offer unparalleled post-appointment follow-up as part of our lead generation service. We moderate EACH call and transcribe the discussion so that we understand what was discussed and what the next steps are. We share this with our marketing contact/campaign manager.

After the appointment takes place, we conduct follow-up outreach with both your prospects and your partners/salespeople immediately after the appointment, at the 45-day mark, and the 90-day mark. You’ll get insight on next steps from both parties’ perspectives. We’ll continue to follow up past the 90-day mark, too.

Our objective is to track appointments through the sales cycle until won or lost and provide reporting on each campaign’s revenue results. THIS IS ABOUT REVENUE. Not appointments. Traditional telemarketing companies do NOT want you to track appointments post call because they know that the results are atrocious. Leads seem to go into a black hole and prospects go dark. Very few second meetings occur. ROI is abysmal.


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